Firearms Instructors

Marcos (Force Protection / CEO)


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Currently serving on Actice duty in the United States Marine Corps, "Marc" has 12 years of physical security and Force Protection experience. He has served in Afghanistan and many countries throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe. 

Ralph (Lead Medical Instructor)


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A FDNY/EMS veteran, Ralph retired as a Lieutenant after 27 years of service to the city. As a pioneer for ESU and HAZMAT in the EMS, Ralph has responded to the shooting in the empire state building, the bombing at the world trade center, and was there for 9/11, he has worked with secret service when the president would go to NYC and countless other qualifications. 

Geno (Hand to Hand combat)


Former Marine, and currently serving as an Executive Security Specialist and E.M.T., Geno has studied Martial Arts abroad as well as in the United States. As a personal trainer and life long student of hand to hand combat, he brings unique set of skills to the DDG team and their clients. 

Brandon (Lead Firearms Instructor)


Currently Serving in the United States Marine Reserves, Brandon is on the road to becoming a law enforcement officer in Broward County. He has many years of experience as a firearms instructor, holding certifications from the NRA, and the Marine Corps as a Marksmanship instructor. 

Ray (Lead LEO Tactics)


Currently serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Ray is also a Police Officer in Palm Beach County with 12+ years on the job. Seven of those years have been with SWAT where he has responded to active shooter situations.  As a Police officer he has become a SWAT tactics and Firearms instructor and has also worked on the Detective bureau. Click here for more details.